Copper Bullion Coins - Flora & Fauna Series Launch - Great White Bullion

Posted by Benjamin Meyers on

Welcoming the first and newest additions to our bullion store, our Australian Grass Tree and Blue Tongue Lizard 1oz Copper Coins!

Each Copper Round is:

  • 1 Troy Ounce - 31.01g+
  • Pure Copper

Copper Bullion Coin 1 Ounce1oz Copper Coin

                                       Great White Bullion Copper Coin 1oz

                                  1oz Copper GWB

The next two coins to be produced will be  Australian Flora and Fauna designs to complete the 12 Coin Copper Bullion series:

  • Banksia Prinotes 
  • Blue Banded Bee

Keep an eye out on the store for these as they will have a limited production run :)

In 2022 we will begin designs of our next Copper Bullion products - Nordic Gold Coins.

Each will be 1 Troy Ounce in weight, and made from our Nordic Gold Alloy. The Nordic Gold will then be made into sheet and from there punched & pressed using 100-200 Tonne coin punch and press machines, to ultimately produce our own coins.

If you are interested in our Nordic Gold Bullion Coins let us know by sending us an email. 


GWB Team