About Us

Founded in 2021, Great White Bullion stands as a testament to the rich heritage and craftsmanship of Western Australia. Our passion lies in forging exceptional ingots, bars, and coins, crafted from a diverse range of metals - from gold and silver to copper and bronze.

At GWB we also supply a wide range of stock metals for trades, education and projects. These include copper flat and round bar, brass, aluminium and titanium.


The West Australian Flora & Fauna Series
Our signature Australian Flora & Fauna coin series has garnered attention from enthusiasts and collectors alike. We're excited to announce that this series will continue to be meticulously crafted over 2024. Stay tuned for our latest creations!

Why Bullion?
Bullion is more than just a hobby; it represents a tangible investment, a shield against the erosive forces of inflation. For artists and tradespeople, our ingots offer a pristine source of alloys or base metals, perfect for bespoke projects.

Sustainability First
At Great White Bullion, we believe in sustainability. Wherever feasible, we proudly recycle and source metals for our bullion, ensuring our practices are both eco-friendly and economically sound.

Connect with Us
Your questions and feedback are invaluable to us. If you have any inquiries or simply want to know more about our offerings, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to assist you.

Thank you for exploring Great White Bullion.

Warm regards,
Ben & the GWB Team.