Great White Bullion Launch!

Posted by Great White Bullion on

An exciting day for us here in Perth, Western Australia.

The website (in its current half finished state :/ ) has gone live and our first products have been listed for sale - our hand poured Pure Copper and Nordic Gold Ingots.

I poured the ingots last week and have been busy getting more ready for the site.

In the coming weeks we will be listing our Brass, Bronze, Nordic Gold and Aluminium ingots for sale. From here coin blanks and the first cast coins will start to appear on the product pages :)

All products at Great White Bullion will have a unique custom design and will all be made by hand. Perfect for the man cave, gifts and just generally adding to your bullion stack!

One day, maybe just one day we can be a big fancy mint and be producing high quality stamped silver and gold coins.....but for now we will be concentrating on cast bullion and the base metal products, which are just as shiny but much more affordable.

Who doesn't love a nice big copper bar stack!!

Next up for the website will be our GWB logo, cant wait!

See you all soon and enjoy stacking.