Nordic Gold!

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What is Nordic Gold?

Nordic Gold or ‘Nordiskt Guld’ for those handsome Swedish folks out here, is a gold coloured Copper based alloy made from 4 different metals.

The Nordic Gold recipe is:

  • 89% Copper
  • 5% Aluminium
  • 5% Zinc
  • 1% Tin

For those with a home furnace who don’t have easy access to Zinc you can use Brass as it generally contains 30-36% Zinc, with the rest being Copper and depending on quality small amounts of Lead. (safety first as melting metals and fumes are dangerous)

A recipe for Nordic Gold using Brass is as follows:

  • 79% Copper
  • 5% Aluminium
  • 15% Brass
  • 1% Tin

Qualities of Nordic Gold

  1. Non-allergenic
  2. Antimycotic
  3. Antimicrobial
  4. Resistant To Tarnishing
  5. Shiny (as goblins would say)…in fact it’s so nice and shiny that it’s used to make the Euro 50, 20 and 10 cent coins, plus Swedish 5 and 10 Kronor coins.

Nordic Gold has a light golden colour which is lighter than brass, but it lacks the deep golden colour of real gold. It can be problematic when melting due to the slag/dross that is created so care needs to be taken to ensure this is removed. Pouring into moulds can also result in a poor finish to the surface due to impurities and incorrect pouring temperatures.

The density density of Nordic Gold is 7.01 g/cm3, caused by the lighter metals Aluminium, Tin and Zinc.

Here is one of the first Nordic Gold ingots that we smelted, at about 1kg in weight:


It’s a harder alloy to find for purchase on the internet as people just don’t make as much of it compared to easier alloys or singular type metals. At Great White Bullion we are planning to add products to our existing Nordic Gold ingots by releasing:

  • Nordic Gold Coins
  • Nordic Gold Coin Blanks
  • Nordic Gold Sand cast Ingots
  • Nordic Gold Spheres
  • Nordic Gold Cubes

We will be aiming to release 1kg and 1 ounce coins, cubes and spheres. The cubes and spheres will be buffed or polished for a smooth finish. If you have any questions or requests for Nordic Gold products please let us know by heading to the Contact Us page and sending an email 😊

All of our bullion products are hand forged and melted from Perth, Western Australia.

 Thanks and happy stacking,

GWB Team