Nordic Gold Bars Available Now - Plus Brand New Nordic Rose Gold

Posted by Benjamin Meyers on

We have just finished pouring the latest batch of Nordic Gold bars :)

Scroll through the pictures below, and if you would like to purchase some then be quick, they never last long.

Nordic Gold Bars and Rose Nordic Gold

Gold Bar Profile Nordic Gold Ingots


It was also time to throw in a bit of experimenting as I really wanted to produce a rose gold alloy. With a bit of adjustment to the mix im pleased to see the first two of the Rose bars have been produced and are now on sale in our store.

This was also the first batch where we sand casted the Nordic Gold bars with a Gold Bar profile.

Nordic Gold Ingot - Gold Bar Shape

Nordic Gold Ingot

Nordic Gold Ingot

To get the profile we sand casted them using some simply homemade moulds. Future Nordic Gold bars will have some writing on the moulds so they are poured with it.

Nordic Gold Ingot Mould


Nordic Gold Bar Sand Casting


The Rose Nordic Gold bars look beautiful in was difficult to get the colour out in pictures.

Nordic Gold Ingots


We love to hear f rom you so please reach out to us using the contact page, or email directly at:


Our next product is looking to be some Nordic Gold Coins or Rounds, about 100g each, a limited edition release!

See some of the production shots here:

Nordic Gold Coin

Nordic Gold Coin

Nordic Gold Coin Cutting

Nordic Gold Coin Melting

Nordic Gold Coin Sand Casting