Nordic Gold Bars in 2022 - Great White Bullion New Nordic Gold Bars & Ingots

Posted by Benjamin Meyers on

In early 2022 we will be busy with the Furnace & Crucibles to make brand new Nordic Gold Bars & Ingots, and possibly Coins if there is enough time left!

These will be listed on our Great White Bullion Store for Purchase worldwide.

For those who aren't familiar with this beautiful Nordic Alloy, here is a list of the metals that go into each bar:


  • 89% Copper
  • 5% Aluminium
  • 5% Zinc
  • 1% Tin

    Nordic Gold or ‘Nordiskt Guld’ is a gold coloured Copper based alloy made from these 4 different metals.

    Nordic Gold Bar 1.5kg

    Nordic Gold Ingot

    Nordic Gold

    Nordic Gold Bullion


    We usually melt Nordic Gold Ingots around the 0.9-1.6kg size, with most being a bit heavier than 1 kilogram. In 2022 we will aim to make a range of smaller bars, and also some machined Nordic Gold bars with a flat polished finish on all sides.

    If you are interested in purchasing some of the new ingots, or the machined & polished bars send us a message :)

    Thanks for reading from us here in Perth, Western Australia at Great White Bullion