Tin Bullion Bars, Ingots, Coins For Sale and Tin Stacking

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Glorious Beautiful Tin.......what would we do without you?

It's used in just about everything from electronics to cooking pots....... and we have been busy sourcing and stocking Tin for the past few months.

Our shop now has the following Tin products for sale:

Tin is a soft and easy to work with metal and one that is also dramatically increasing in price!

Worldwide Tin prices are soaring due to increased demand, primarily being Electric Vehicles and Electronics. Tin is essential to the EV and Green energy industries and there is no easy replacement.

With global exploration being muted in the last 20 years Tin production has remained relatively flat, and in light of increasing demand this has caused a huge rise in the price of Tin. A look at recent tin prices shows the dramatic increase:

Tin Price

Nordic Gold Coin


Tin Stacking can be a great addition to your other ingots and bullion. 


Tin Facts

Chemical Element - Sn (from the latin word Stannum)

Colour - Silvery with a faint yellow hue.

Melting Point - 231.93 °C

Boiling Point - 2602 °C

Density - 5.75 grams/cm3

Found in Mineral - Cassiterite

Ancient Use - From 3000BC Tin was used as an alloy in Bronze, with about 12.5% Tin and 87.5% Copper as the primary ingredients in the allloy.

Modern Use - Tin is primarily used in electronics, solder products and food packaging. With the growth of Electric Vehicles, tin use per car is growing from 300g to over 1.3kg, a big demand driver for Tin.

And for the technical minds out there, this is an interesting quote from Wikipedia concerning the origins of Tin:

"Tin is generated via the long s-process in low-to-medium mass stars (with masses of 0.6 to 10 times that of the Sun), and finally by beta decay of the heavy isotopes of indium.[42]

Tin is the 49th most abundant element in Earth's crust, representing 2 ppm compared with 75 ppm for zinc, 50 ppm for copper, and 14 ppm for lead.[43]"