1 Ounce Copper Round - Australian Limestone Spinifex Coin - Triodia Wiseana

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1 Troy Ounce Pure Copper Round - Australian Limestone Spinifex Coin - Triodia Wiseana

The 12th coin in our 12 coin series of Australian Flora & Fauna. 6 Endemic Australian plants and 6 creatures to celebrate the amazing biodiversity that we have down under.

Coins come supplied in a small plastic bag. Plastic coin capsules can be purchased separately.

Limestone Spinifex is a perennial grass that is found in the arid regions of Western Australia. It is a member of the Poaceae family, and its scientific name is Triodia wiseana. Limestone Spinifex is a tall, spiky grass that can grow up to 1.2 meters tall. It has a deep root system that allows it to survive in dry conditions.

Limestone Spinifex is a dominant plant in many arid ecosystems. It provides food and shelter for a variety of animals, including kangaroos, lizards, and birds. Limestone Spinifex is also an important firebreak, as it helps to slow the spread of fire.

The Limestone Spinifex on your 1 ounce copper coin is a beautiful and unique way to celebrate this amazing Australian plant.

Additional information

    • Limestone Spinifex is also known as "hard spinifex".
    • It is found on rocky and gravelly substrates, including banded iron, limestone, dolomite and shale.
    • It is not known to be eaten by stock.


    Diameter - 40mm

    Thickness - 3mm

    Weight - 31.1g+

    Material - Copper


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