1 Ounce Copper Round - Australian Spinifex Hopping Mouse Coin - Notomys Alexis

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1 Troy Ounce Pure Copper Round - Australian Spinifex Hopping Mouse Coin - Notomys Alexis

The 11th coin in our 12 coin series of Australian Flora & Fauna. 6 Endemic Australian plants and 6 creatures to celebrate the amazing biodiversity that we have down under.

Coins come supplied in a small plastic bag. Plastic coin capsules can be purchased separately.

The Spinifex Hopping Mouse is a small, nocturnal rodent that is found in the arid regions of Central Australia. It is named after its long hind legs and tufted tail, which allow it to make quick bounding and zig-zag movements to escape predators. The Spinifex Hopping Mouse has light brown fur with a grey to white belly, and big black eyes. It is about 95 to 115 mm long and weighs about 35 g.

The Spinifex Hopping Mouse is a social animal and lives in small family groups of up to 10 individuals. They build their burrows in sandy soils, typically in areas with hummocks of spiky spinifex grass. These burrows are deep and humid, which helps the mice to stay cool during the hot days.

Spinifex Hopping Mice are herbivores and eat a variety of plants, including seeds, roots, and green shoots. They are also known to eat insects and other small invertebrates.

The Spinifex Hopping Mouse is an important part of the Australian ecosystem. It helps to disperse seeds and pollinate plants. It is also a food source for larger animals, such as owls and snakes.

This 1 ounce copper coin features a detailed depiction of the Spinifex Hopping Mouse. It is a beautiful and unique way to celebrate this amazing Australian animal.

Additional information

  • The scientific name for the Spinifex Hopping Mouse is Notomys alexis.
  • The Spinifex Hopping Mouse is also known as the tarkawara or tarrkawarra.
  • The Spinifex Hopping Mouse is able to survive in harsh desert conditions by conserving water and eating a diet that is high in moisture.


Diameter - 40mm

Thickness - 3mm

Weight - 31.1g+

Material - Copper


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