1 Ounce Solid Aluminium Ingot - 1oz United States Buffalo - 999 Aluminium Bar

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Solid Aluminium Ingot.

1 Troy Ounce Aluminium Ingot - United States Buffalo


Aluminium Bullion Bar Dimensions

Length - 80.0mm

Width - 45.0mm

Thickness - 3.0mm


Tough and Shiny! - Aluminium Ingots are all 1 troy ounces each.

Great for metal stackers and as collector items or gifts. 


Aluminium Information

It has the chemical symbol of Al and is atomic number 13.

Aluminium is about 1/3 as dense as steel, is non magnetic and forms a protective layer of oxide on its surface when exposed to air.
Density - 2.70 g/cm3

Melting Point - 933.47 K ​(660.32 °C, ​1220.58 °F)