10 Ounce Solid Titanium Ingot - 10oz United States Buffalo - Titanium Bar

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Solid Titanium Ingot.

10 Troy Ounce Titanium Ingot - United States Buffalo


Titanium Bullion Bar Dimensions

Length - 120.0mm

Width - 60.0mm

Thickness - 10.0mm


Tough and valuable - Titanium Ingots are all 10 troy ounces each.

Great for metal stackers and as collector items or gifts. 


Titanium Information

It has the chemical symbol of Ti and is atomic number 22.

Titanium is only found in nature as an oxide, so it must be reduced to produce the pure metal. Found in the late 1700's in England, it was named after Titans of Greek mythology!
Density - 4.506 g/cm3

Melting Point - 1941 K ​(1668 °C, ​3034 °F)