12pc 1oz Copper Coin Set - Entire Flora & Fauna Series or Choose your 12 1oz Copper GWB Coins!

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Our custom Australian Flora & Fauna copper coin series, all 12 in the set (6 animal, 6 plant). Each copper round depicts Flora or Fauna that is endemic to Australia, and we are proud to celebrate them with our Great White Bullion branding on each reverse side.

12 x 1 Troy oz Copper GWB Coins.

Coins will come in small bags, grouped in black jewellery pouches. You can choose to upgrade to clear 40mm coin capsules and we will package the coins in these for you.

Our custom 1oz Copper coin series currently has 12 coins available:

  • Blue Tongue Lizard  
  • Australian Grass Tree
  • Blue-Banded Bee 
  • Banksia
  • Thorny Devil
  • Salmon Gum Tree
  • Red-winged Fairy Wren
  • Hakia
  • Southern Brown Bandicoot
  • Macracarpa
  • Spinifex Hopping Mouse
  • Limestone Spinifex Bush

Note - Please leave a note on your order to tell us if you want a combination of coins other than 1 of each in the set.
Thanks :)