12kg Copper Granules - Huge Bucket of Copper!! 12000g of Copper Bullion

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High Grade Cu Copper Granules/Fines - 99.9% Pure Cu

Weight - 12,000 Grams
Density - 8.96g/cm3
Melting Point - 1085 Degrees Celsius
Grade - C11000 copper 

Copper Granules from granulated copper wire. Perfect for copper furnaces, copper collecting, anything really!
Shipping - Please note that due to the weight of this item, it is classed as bulky and does not have free shipping due to the cost.

With the world experiencing growing inflation, the value (purchasing power) of paper currencies is declining.

Pick up some Outback Copper Bullion and add copper to your bullion stack. These handy 12kg buckets are full of solid Copper in granular form. Protected against the powers of inflation, this copper will rise in value over time. 

Copper is expected to have demand shortages within the next decade as the switch to renewable energy and electric cars creates huge demand for the widely used metal. On top of surging demand, mine grades are declining year on year - placing incredible pressure on worldwide copper supply at a time when it is going through huge market growth.

Shipping of this bulk bucket is with either with Aus Post or a courier like Sendle. Express will receive same day or next day dispatch from us - but the method of postage will be standard due to the very large cost of sending a heavy item - its just not possible with express post.