1g Platinum Minted Bar - Argor Heraeus 99.95% Pure Platinum Bar

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1g Platinum Bar 999.5 - Argor Heraeus Platinum Bullion Bar

Brand new 1 Gram Platinum Bullion 999.5 Fine Argor Heraeus Bar. Each Argor Heraeus bar contains 1 gram of 99.95% pure investment grade platinum.

The bars features the name, fineness and weight of the bar. The reverse of the bar features the Argor Heraeus logo. Each bar comes sealed in its own individual plastic slip with the certificate.

Key features:
Metal: Platinum 999.5

Weight: 1 Gram

Thickness: 0.60mm

Design: Fortuna

Size (mm):19 x 10

Argor SA was initially formed in Switzerland, in the southern town of Chiasso. The company was formed as a precious metals refinery, and quickly grew to a prominent size. In 1973, the company was acquired by UBS, one of Switzerland's most prominent banks.
At that time, UBS was involved in the retail precious metals market, a market with started to grow significantly in the early 1970s. Argor-Heraeus became the manufacturer of UBS precious metals products, including gold, silver, platinum and palladium bars for its investors.

Argor-Heraeus is a one-of-a-kind refinery that combines the Swiss reputation for focusing on consistent quality with the century-old reputation and steadfast innovation of one of Germany's top family-owned businesses.

As a result, Argor-Heraeus produces some of the finest bullion you can get your hands on, and you can trust that every bar and coin will be expertly crafted to ensure satisfaction.