1oz Heraeus Silver Bar .9999 Silver Bullion Bar - 1 Ounce

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German Heraeus Silver Bullion Bar - 1 Troy Ounce

This 1 oz silver bullion bar is produced by Heraeus, Germany’s most famous precious metals refinery, and is a minted silver bar with a silver purity of 99.9%. Heraeus is a member of the London Bullion Market Association’s (LBMA) prestigious Good Delivery List for Silver, and the Heraeus refinery has been based in Hanau, near Frankfurt, for over 160 years.

The front of the 1 oz minted silver bullion bar is stamped with the Heraeus “hand with roses” motif surrounded by the words 'Heraeus Edelmetalle Hanau', with the refiner’s name ‘Heraeus’ and the silver bar’s purity, ‘.999 Fine Silver” imprinted above, and the weight '1 TROY OZ' inscribed below

Heraeus is committed to ensuring that all silver used in its silver bar production is sourced from legitimate mines and suppliers that comply with Heraeus’ ethical code of purchasing policy.


Country: Germany

Manufacturer: Heraeus

Size: 50.1 mm x 29.2 mm x 2.3 mm

Purity: .999

Weight: 1 troy oz (31.1 gram)