5 Ounce Brass Ingot - 5 Troy Ounce 155.5g Brass Bar - Outback Bullion

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Pure Brass Ingot.

5 Troy Ounce Brass Ingot - 155.5g minimum weight.

Stamped 5oz Brass.

Next batches from August will also have the Great White Bullion Logo Stamped in. Ingots may have minor scuff marks and scratches but are buffed and cleaned. Every order will receive a 5% off voucher for our bullion store.

Brass Bullion Bar Dimensions

Length - 114mm

Width - 50.8mm

Thickness - 3.18mm

These great little Brass Ingots are all 5 troy ounces each and are made from SE Brass Bar. They are cleaned and stamped as per the pictures. 

Great for bullion stackers and as collector items or gifts.